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SBŠ Ostrava can`t finish comeback, Frankivsk Prykarpattya post big win

SBŠ Ostrava erased a 20 points deficit in the second half but eventually lost to splendid Frankivsk Prykarpattya, 63-74, on Thursday, January 12, at the Tatran Hall in Ostrava, Czechia.

Players of the game

Ivanofrankivsk`s Big Three rocked again.

Taisiia Udodenko led her team with 16 points and 17 rebounds.

Center had two assists, three steals and three blocked shots for a efficiency rating of 31.

Oksana Mollova stepped up during the crisis.

Forward scored 10 of her 18 points in the second half and went for a perfect 10-of-10 from the free throw line.

Mollova grabbed 13 rebounds and forced seven fouls.

Krystyna Filevich matched Mollova from the free throw line, 10-of-10.

Forward finished the game with 17 points, four rebounds, three assists, three steals and a game high eight forced fouls.

Veronika Kosmach returned on the court with 11 points.

She missed the previous game at TTT Rīga.

Anacia Marchelle-Wilkinson led SBŠ Ostava with 15 points and 12 rebounds.

Tennessee Tech star struggled offensively but shined on defense.

Wilkinson registered five steals and one blocked shot.

Eliška Kubičkova scored 15 points on 6-of-11 shooting from the field, including a 5-of-9 inside the three point line.

She added three rebounds and two steals.

Katerina Kanova had 13 points, four rebounds and two steals before she was fouled out.

Tereza Motyčakova chipped in with seven points, 11 rebounds and four assists.

Key stats

SBŠ Ostrava had a terrible first half, shooting just 21% from the field (9-of-41, including 7-of-32 inside the three point line).

Frankivsk Prykarpattya shot 41% in the first half (13/31) and 92% from the charity stripe (13-of-14).

Yurii Protsiyk`s team had a 20 points advantage at the half, 23-43.

Wilkinson, Kubičkova and Kanova inspired Ostrava`s comeback.

The shots started to fall in while Frankivsk almost stopped.

Alena Bačova hit a go ahead three pointer, 58-57, with 05:42 left.

Bačova blocked Kosmach and grabbed a rebound but turned a ball over.

More turnovers followed but a three pointer by Olha Alekseichyk regained a 58-60 lead for Prykarpattya.

Natalie Raškova received an unsportsmanlike foul.

Mollova connected both free throws, 58-62.

Prykarpattya possession ended with another foul and Mollova increased lead up to six points, 58-64.

SBŠ Ostrava stayed at the striking distance until the last 30 seconds.

Game notes

Frankivsk Prykarpattya re-planned its schedule to play five games across three countries in 11 days.

They are 3-0 since beginning of the year and are on the road to the Final 4.

SBŠ Ostrava dropped to 2-3 but maintain chances to qualify.

The Czech team played without injured Megan Mullings.

SCHEDULE (local time, GMT+2h)

Thursday, January 12, Ostrava

SBŠ Ostrava 63–74 Frankivsk Prykarpattya

Saturday, January 14, Chomutov

15:30 Polonia Warszawa – Frankivsk Prykarpattya

18:00 Levharti Chomutov – Šiauliai Vilmers

Sunday, January 15, Chomutov

10:30 Šiauliai Vilmers – Polonia Warszawa

13:00 Frankivsk Prykarpattya – Levharti Chomutov

Standings, as of January 12, 2023

SKK Polonia Warszawa 5-0 (+46) Qualified

Frankivsk Prykarpattya 4-1 (+36)

TTT Rīga 2-3 (-10)

SBŠ Ostrava 2-3 (-8)

Levharti Chomutov 2-3 (+16)

Šiauliai Vilmers 2-2 (-44)

RSU 1-4 (-29)

Neptūnas Klaipeda 1-3 (-7)

Tie-breaker (1): TTT Rīga 1-0, +8; Levharti Chomutov 0-1, -8.

Tie-breaker (2): SBŠ Ostrava 1-0, +21; Šiauliai Vilmers 0-1, -21.

Tie-breaker (3): TTT Rīga 2-0, +15; SBŠ Ostrava 1-1, -2; Levharti Chomutov 0-2, -13.


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