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EWBL access: LIVE from Warsaw

The 2023 European Women`s Basketball league`s first stage will be played on October 28-30, 2022, at the Centrum Sportu Wilanów in Warsaw, Poland.

All games will be available via www.inSports.tv LIVE and on demand – registration required, unlimited access for a monthly fee of 10 euros.

Insports.TV streamed more than 65 leagues and tournaments from around the world, such as Brazil Serie D, Spain Primera, Poland Central Liga, Italy Primavera, etc., and we have more than 410 000 users on the platform from all around the world.

SCHEDULE (local time, GMT+2h)

Friday, October 28

17:00 BC Neptūnas Klaipeda – Rīga Stradiņš University


19:30 SKK Polonia Warszawa – BK Levharti Chomutov


Saturday, October 29

15:00 BK Levharti Chomutov – BC Neptūnas Klaipeda


17:30 Rīga Stradiņš University – SKK Polonia Warszawa


Sunday, October 30

11:00 BK Levharti Chomutov – Rīga Stradiņš University


13:30 SKK Polonia Warszawa – BC Neptūnas Klaipeda


Tickets: https://wstepnamecz.poloniawarszawa.com/

Parking information: https://skk.poloniawarszawa.com/hala-i-bilety/

Game reviews: www.ewbl.eu

Live Stats

Neptūnas – RSU https://fibalivestats.dcd.shared.geniussports.com/u/EYBL/2200955/

Polonia – Chomutov https://fibalivestats.dcd.shared.geniussports.com/u/EYBL/2200954/

Chomutov – Neptūnas https://fibalivestats.dcd.shared.geniussports.com/u/EYBL/2200961/

RSU – Polonia https://fibalivestats.dcd.shared.geniussports.com/u/EYBL/2200962/

Chomutov – RSU https://fibalivestats.dcd.shared.geniussports.com/u/EYBL/2200964/

Polonia – Neptūnas https://fibalivestats.dcd.shared.geniussports.com/u/EYBL/2200966/

Follow the EWBL

Website: www.ewbl.eu

Facebook: @EWBLeague

YouTube archive: https://www.youtube.com/c/EWBLeague

Instagram: @EWBLeague