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Levharti Chomutov beat Frankivsk Prykarpattya and start a waiting game

Levharti Chomutov defeated Frankivsk Prykarpattya 93-62 on Sunday, January 15, at the Mestska sportovni hala at the western Czechia. The Czech club hasn`t qualified for the Final 4 yet, as the four teams may still finish with a 4-3 record.

Players of the game

Levharti Chomutov played with a high focus infront of their home crowd.

None showed it better than Najai Pollard as she scored 23 points on 10-of-12 shooting from the field and a perfect 3-of-3 from the free throw less than 20 minutes!

A former Delaware State guard had nine points in the third quarter to double Chomutov`s lead.

She finished the game with an efficiency rating of 30.

Monika Satoranska offered some fire power from the deep.

Forward scored 15 points, including a 3-of-4 shooting from the three point line.

Eliška Brejchova also contributed with 15 points.

Guard connected 3-of-6 field goal attempts from the perimeter.

Monika Fučikova and Michaela Krejzova posted 14 and 10 points respectively.

Ivanofrankivsk`s Big Three delivered again.

Oksana Mollova had 19 points on 6-of-16 shooting from the field, including a 3-of-7 from the three point line.

She went for a perfect 4-of-4 from the charity stripe.

Krystyna Filevich also scored 19 points.

Forward added three rebounds, two assists and three steals for a team high efficiency rating of 15.

Taisiia Udodenko contributed with 13 points, six rebounds and four assists.

Key stats

Josef Rešetar used a 12 player rotation for Levharti Chomutov.

Only three players spent more than 20 minutes on the floor – Valentyna Kadlecova, Monika Fučikova and Katerina Bartonova.

Chomutov`s fast pace was crucial, especially after the halftime break.

The Czech team went on a 30-13 run for a 76-43 lead with 10 minutes left.

Levharti Chomutov bench outscored Prykarpattya 36-9.

Chomutov outrebounded Frankivsk, 53-33.

Game notes

Frankivsk Prykarpattya qualified for the Final 4 before the game against Chomutov.

Levharti Chomutov improved to 4-3 but hasn`t qualified for the Final 4 yet.

If SBŠ Ostrava and TTT Rīga win all remaining games there will be a four way tie.

Frankivsk Prykarpattya, TTT Rīga, SBŠ Ostrava and Levharti Chomutov may finish with a 4-3 record.

Frankivsk Prykarpattya and TTT Rīga have advantages and a hypothetical 2-1 record in a possible four way tie.

Levharti Chomutov lost the game against SBŠ Ostrava, 69-74.

They need to wait and see how the other games will play out.

SCHEDULE (local time, GMT+2h)

Thursday, January 12, Ostrava

SBŠ Ostrava 63–74 Frankivsk Prykarpattya

Saturday, January 14, Chomutov

Polonia Warszawa 73–70 Frankivsk Prykarpattya

Levharti Chomutov 74–58 Šiauliai Vilmers

Sunday, January 15, Chomutov

Šiauliai Vilmers 61–67 Polonia Warszawa

Frankivsk Prykarpattya 62–93 Levharti Chomutov

Standings, as of January 15, 2023

SKK Polonia Warszawa 7-0 (+55) Qualified

Levharti Chomutov 4-3 (+63)

Frankivsk Prykarpattya 4-3 (+2) Qualified

Šiauliai Vilmers 2-4 (-66)

TTT Rīga 2-3 (-10)

SBŠ Ostrava 2-3 (-8)

RSU 1-4 (-29)

Neptūnas Klaipeda 1-3 (-7)

Tie-breaker (1): TTT Rīga 1-0, +8; Levharti Chomutov 0-1, -8.

Tie-breaker (2): SBŠ Ostrava 1-0, +21; Šiauliai Vilmers 0-1, -21.

Tie-breaker (3): TTT Rīga 2-0, +15; SBŠ Ostrava 1-1, -2; Levharti Chomutov 0-2, -13.

Tie-breaker (4): SBŠ Ostrava 1-1, +14; TTT Rīga 1-1, +3; Šiauliai Vilmers 1-1, -17.

Tie-breaker (5): TTT Rīga 1-0, +7; SBŠ Ostrava 0-1, -7.

Tie-breaker (6): Levharti Chomutov 1-0, +31; Frankivsk Prykarpattya 0-1, -31.


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