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Ostrava and Chomutov calling: know your referees

Experienced. Professional. Respected. Meet the referees of the European Women`s Basketball league.

Michal Tesar

  • Referee from 2015.

  • Has second category in Czech referee system.

  • Has worked at the Chance ŽBL.

Tomáš Holúbek

  • Experienced referee from Czech Republic.

  • EWBL referee since beginning, including two Final Fours.

  • Has worked 12 years at the KNBL and 18 years at the WNBL.

Vaclav Sykora

  • Started refereeing in 2008.

  • A referee at the second Czech division for men.

  • Has worked at the Chance ŽBL – top division for women.

  • Has a three season experience in the EWBL.

Alina Tomina

  • Referee from 2018.

  • Works at the Ukrainian top men`s league and Women`s Superleague.

  • Has worked at the EYBL matches in Poland.

  • FBU has included Alina in the list of potential national referees.

Agate Maj

  • FIBA referee from 2021.

  • Referee at the Polish Top division – Energa Basket league – from 2018.

  • Has worked at the Polish Women`s basketball league`s Finals.

Ivo Melichárek

  • Started refereeing in 2011.

  • Has started his third year at the Kooperativa NBL – Czech top division for men.

  • Has worked at the Chance ŽBL and some men`s play-off games.

Jan Hošek

  • Has a 14 year experience at the Kooperativa NBL – Czech first division for men.

  • One of the most experienced Czech referees.

  • Has worked at many play-off games for women and men.

  • Upcoming commissioner.

Jan Musil

  • A referee at the Chance ŽBL – Czech first division for women.

  • Has worked at the second Czech division for men (second group).

  • Upcoming Kooperativa NBL referee.

Dominik Výborný

  • Started refereeing in 2013.

  • Chance ŽBL referee from 2018.

  • Kooperativa NBL referee from 2022.

  • Has worked at the Chance ŽBL Final 4 – three times.


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