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Warsaw calling: know your Final 4 referees

Experienced. Professional. Respected. Meet the referees of the European Women`s Basketball league.

Agate Maj

  • FIBA referee from 2021.

  • Referee at the Polish Top division – Energa Basket liga – from 2018.

  • Has worked at the Polish Women`s basketball league`s Finals.

Michał Sosin

  • FIBA referee from 2019.

  • Top league in Poland from 2014.

Michaela Scholzova

  • Has worked at the Chance ŽBL – top league in Czechia – for five years, including the 2022 finals.

  • Has worked at the Czech Cup Final 4 for Women, including a 2020 final.

  • Has worked at the 2022 Federal cup in Pieštany.

  • Has attended FIBA European women`s basketball summit.

Kristīne Simanoviča

  • FIBA referee from 2019.

  • Has worked at several Latvia Women`s basketball league finals.

  • More than 10 games at FIBA tournaments in 2021-2022, including a EuroLeague Women quarter final game in 2022 as observer.

  • Has worked at the Women`s EuroBasket 2023 Qualifiers in November 2022.

Oskars Lucis

  • One of the top referees from Latvia.

  • FIBA referee instructor from Latvia.

  • Referee coordinator of the Latvian Youth Basketball league (LJBL).

  • FIBA referee from 2003.

  • Euroleague referee 2007-2016.

  • Basketball Champions league referee from 2016.

  • Has worked at many major international events, including the AfroBasket Women 2019 at Dakar Arena in Senegal and Tokyo Olympic games test event at Saitama Superdome.

  • Head referee of the European Women`s Basketball league (EWBL).

Sergii Tyslenko

  • FIBA referee from 2010.

  • Ukraine Men`s and Women`s Superleague from 2013.

  • Has worked at the EuroBasket Women 2015 in Hungary and Romania.

  • Has worked at many European Youth Championships.

  • Has worked at Women`s Cup finals and various playoff matches.


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