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Warsaw calling: know your referees

Experienced. Professional. Respected. Meet the referees of the European Women`s Basketball league.

Michał Proc

  • FIBA referee from 2015.

  • Polish Top league from 2013.

  • Has worked at the XXIX Summer Universiade (2017) in Taipei, Republic of China.

  • Recent experience includes the 2022 Basketball Champions league Final 4 and EuroBasket 2022.

  • Has worked at the 2019 FIBA World Cup in China.

Anna Belousova

  • FIBA referee from 2019.

  • First female referee from Latvia in European Women`s Basketball league Final Four.

  • First female referee from Latvia at the Pafbet Estonia and Latvia league.

Kristīne Simanoviča

  • FIBA referee from 2019.

  • Has worked at several Latvia Women`s basketball league finals.

  • More than 10 games at FIBA tournaments in 2021-2022, including a EuroLeague Women quarter final game in 2022.

Karina Kamińska

  • Polish national referee from 2003.

  • Has worked at the EWBL as an accompanying referee with Basket Gdynia in 2016 and 2017.

  • Has worked three times at the Polish Women`s Cup final and Energa Basket Liga Kobiet (EBLK) playoffs, including gold and bronze medal matches.

  • Recent experience – Energa Basket Liga for men and three EBLK matches.

Michał Sosin

  • FIBA referee from 2019.

  • Top league in Poland from 2014.

Maciej Krupiński

  • Referee from 2004.

  • Top league in Poland from 2015.

  • Works at the Polish Basketball federation PZKosz.

  • Has worked at the Basket Liga Kobiet final in 2021.

Michal Tesar

  • Referee from 2015.

  • Has second category in Czech referee system.

  • Has worked at the Chance ŽBL.


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